Kish Free Zone Organization

Indian Civilization


Indian Civilization

1. Project title: Special axis of civilizations- Indian civilization

2. Location: Between Melal square and Hormoz square- Block No.5

3. The Project:
The proposed block is located adjacent to the especial axis of civilizations. Considering the multi-purpose recreational – tourism identity of this axis, the present multi-function project employing original architectural elements of Indian civilization has been suggested as the representative of Indian civilization through the axis of civilizations. The primary purpose of applying symbolic architecture of Indian civilization is to illustrate the historical status of the civilization in the mind of audience as well as to depict the symbolic architectural characteristics of the era to empower the nature of Tourism.
Followings are some incentives for the present plan:

1. Estimated 400-500 percent gross density for the project
2. Predicted multi-function plan for commercial project
3. Located in the new multi-purpose recreational-tourism zone in the island
4. The maximum permitted height was considered for the project based on flight altitude range

4.Annual Capacity:
various in different seasons
5.Total Area:
 34/25572 m²
 Constructed Area: 
7/127861 m²
7. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water On project site
2 Power On project site
3 ele-communication On project site
4 Main Road On project site
5 Airport 1/5 kilometers
6 Harbor 3 kilometers

8 - Investment methods
A: Partnership *  B: contracting  C: Absolute purchase of land * D:Rent