Kish Free Zone Organization

Advantages of Economic Activities in Kish Free Zone


Advantages of Economic Activities in Kish Free Zone

- 20-year tax exemption for any kind of activity

- Legal guarantee and support for foreign investment

-Company registration with 100% foreign ownership

- Activity of foreign stock exchange and product, oil and petrochemicals exchange

-Exemption from customs duties for importing raw materials and industrial machinery for manufacturing units

- Simple formalities for re-exports and product transit

- Product transit to the countries of Middle Asia and neighboring countries with a population over 400million

- Hosting vessels with capacity of 12000 tons presently and 35000 tons in the future

- Exporting products abroad without customs and port duties

- Low commercial interest for importing products to the country through Kish Island by 15% Independent customs in the free zones in the point connecting to the international markets

- Free entering and exiting for capital principal and interest