Kish Free Zone Organization

Construction Of 35-Thousand-Ton Container Berths


Construction Of 35-Thousand-Ton Container Berths

1. Project Title:

Construction of 35-thousand-ton container berths

2. Project Description and technical specifications:

following completion of the 12-thousand-ton Kish commercial ports, and governance policies in order to create an infrastructure for business development in Kish Free Zone, Kish Free Zone Organization decided to build a container berths with a capacity of 35-thousand-tons of berthing of vessels. This berths will built in effective length of 300 meters and estuary water depth of 12 meters.

3. Location:

Kish commercial seaport

4. The volume of project construction operations:

Earthworks volume is 75 thousand cubic meters, the volume of concreting operations is16 thousand cubic meters and steel piling operation size is 10 tons.

5. Physical progress of the project:

Phase design of the project has been completed and the implementation agreement draft was developed in the framework of the three-factor Contracts.

6. Timing of the project:

The project is estimated at 30 months.

7. Estimated project cost:

The cost of the project is estimated at 860 billion Rials.

8. Ways to repay debts:

Liabilities resulting from borrowings in this project, be refunded by purchase of real estate

9. To provide guarantees for the financing:

Kish Free Zone Organization guarantees the repayment of debt principal and interest