Kish Free Zone Organization

Construction of submarine cables (Kish- Gorzeh)


Construction of submarine cables (Kish- Gorzeh)

1. Project title: Construction of submarine cables (Kish- Gorzeh)

2. Location: From the commercial port to Gorzeh

3. The Project:
The project is the construction of two high-tech cables with technical specifications of(Power) mm500 * 3 + Core 24 * 2 (Opeg) and the voltage level of 145 kV which is developedon the sea floor and is connected to the mainland electricity grid. The project connectsthe island to the shore GIS substation and exchanges energy between the island and the
country’s main network.
Annual Capacity: Not specified
Total Area: 21 kilometers ( between Kish Island and Gorzeh)
6. Constructed Area:
Project Construction period:
Approximately 15 Months( Cable construction,Carrying the cables with special cargoes, and cabling via special equipment
Costs: 2000 to 3000 billion Rials.
9. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water on the project site
2 Power  on the project site
3 Tele-communication on the project site
4 Main Road YES
5 Airport 3.5 Kilometers
6 Harbor 21 Kilometers ( under construction)

10 - Investment methods

A: Partnership* B: contracting C: Absolute purchase of land D:Rent land