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Safin Tourism Market


Safin Tourism Market

1. Project title: Safin traditional cafes and trade stands

2. Location: Old Safin district

3. The Project:
Despite the significant and tremendous changes which have serious and adverse effects on physical-environmental structure of old Safin over these years, this district still preserves and represents invaluable remnants of Iran southern cultural heritage through its architectural and rural environment structure. Regarding these facts, it is of utmost
importance to reclaim and restore the lost identity of this district. On the other hand, the indigenous cultural potentials, architectural structure, and the unprecedented texture of the district provide the chance of area redevelopment and extensive production. With respect to the cultural potentials as well as the physical-environmental attractiveness of the Safin texture in terms of historical, natural, and cultural aspects, the project of tourism market with the aim of constructing a modern shopping center in the indigenous texture
is on the agenda. The commercial complex with an area of 4,000 square meters and with the great emphasis on indigenous cultural-physical factors provides the visitors with the opportunity to purchase in a modern architectural complex built based on the values of historical texture.
Annual Capacity: 1000000 persons per year
Total Area: -
Constructed Area: 4000 sq. m.
Project completion period: 2 years
Estimated fixed capital: 800 billion Rials
Estimated working capital:30 billion Rials
10. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water feasible at the project site
2 Power 150 meters to the nearest substation
3 Tele-communication feasible at the project site
4 Main Road 800m
5 Airport 7km
6 Harbor 6km

11 - Investment methods

A: Partnership *  B: contracting  C: Absolute purchase of land  D:Rent    land