Kish Free Zone Organization

Construction Of 132 kV Power Grids


Construction Of 132 kV Power Grids

1. Project Title:

Construction of 132 kV power grids from Mir Mohana post to Sadaf post and construction of 132 kV sub-station Groves south Island post

2. Project Description and technical specifications:

Due to the development in the south and southwest of the island, in order to create ring of 132kV between posts in the south and southwest of the island and provide the energy need in that area, constructing the substation in the Kharg square been predicted

3. Location:

Southwest of the Island, in the Kharg square zone.

4. The volume of project construction operations:

• One acre land, 400Sq.m and building and make the protection and control equipment.

• 81,000 m of 132 kV cable (1*500 mm2)

• A 132 kV GIS Switch gear equipped with a bus-bar and 8 Feeders

• 2 units of 50 MW transformers with 132 kV voltage

• (132 kV Voltage, 3150 bass amps rated current, 40 kA 3 s short-circuit strength)

5. Physical progress of the project:

Zero phase studies are done.

6. Timing of the project:

The project is estimated at 24 months.

7. Estimated project cost:

The cost of the project is estimated 460 billion Rials.

8. Ways to repay debts:

According to the advantage of the energy transit, this project will be awarded to qualified investors in the form of BOT or EPCF contract

9. To provide guarantees for the financing:

Kish Free Zone Organization guarantees all the required offered to investors.