Kish Free Zone Organization

Construction Of Wastewater Treatment


Construction Of Wastewater Treatment

1. Project Title:

Construction of Wastewater Treatment

2. Project Description and technical specifications:

In accordance to the comprehensive plan for the Island, a water treatment plant to treat 30,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, including home treatment and finishing processes including disinfection, filtration and other ancillary operations,

is suggested.

3. Location:

South of the Island, in the south wastewater treatment zone.

4. The volume of project construction operations:

According to studies conducted by the consulting zero-phase project, the treatment capacity of 30,000 cubic meters per day is considered that the volume of construction in the next phases of studies, are derived

5. Physical progress of the project:

Technical studies have been performed in zero phase.

6. Timing of the project:

The project is estimated at 36 months.

7. Estimated project cost:

The cost of the project is estimated around 400 billion Rials.

8. Ways to repay debts:

According to the profit from the sale of treated wastewater for irrigation projects on the Island, this project will be awarded to qualified investors in the form of BOT or EPCF contract

9. To provide guarantees for the financing:

Kish Free Zone Organization guarantees all the required offered to investors.