Kish Free Zone Organization

Fish Farming


Fish Farming

A- Project Introduction

1. Project title: Fish Farming

2. Sector: Fisheries Sub-sector: Fish Farming

3. Products / Services: Farmed Cobia fish

4. Location:

Free zone  Special Economic Zone  Industrial Park  Main location

5. Project specifications
This project is for construction of a fish farming area for farming Cobia fish in the sea. Farming fish in cage is a king of fish farming that has a lot of advantages comparing to fish farming in land. Decreasing investment primary costs, movement capability and controlling pests and diseases as well as decreasing utilization costs such as water supply and water treatment of pools are among such benefits. Cobia fish is one of the native and precious species of Persian Gulf and one of the most valuable native economic species in Iran. The colors of flesh of such fish is white near pink with a special fat and for that, Omega 3 or the
very useful fatty acids are found in high amounts in flesh of such fish. No pin and crisp flesh of this fish helps any food made with such fish be cooked in the best way For carrying out this project, 10 fish farming cages are required. Such cages have diversity with various qualities. For this project, some cages special for turbulent waters will be used. These cages are in kind of polyethylene, with volume of 1300 to 1600 cubic meter and in cylinder form and fully harnessed in both sides and with
three rows of pipes for increasing floating power and they can be established in some points away from beach. Norway is a producer of the best types of such cages This project requires a floating for establishing a room for monitoring fish and feeding them and some controlling and feeding equipment should be mounted in it The project provides jobs for 27 people and its annual capacity is 500 tons.
6. Annual Capacity: 500 tons per year
7. Land requirement: 1,000Sq.m of coastal land and 10 hectares of marine environment
8. Land ownership: The land of this project belongs to the Kish Free Zone Organization that can be leased to investors

9. permissions:
The permissions for any type of authorized economic activities in Kish free zoon are issued only by Kish Free Zone Organization. Meanwhile, if a plan needs to any other license and permits from
other competent authorities, the organization of zone will send the inquiries and the investor is only obliged to follow this subject
10. Construction and operation period:

The construction project will be done in 1 years and the operation phase is 15 years.
11. Target market:

Fishing is one of the main carriers of the people living in the south of Iran. But due to some limitations on fishing some certain types of fish in the country, fishers are not able to fish in all the seasons. Therefore, provision of fish in most seasons is limited and its price goes up as a result. For the very reason, there is always a high demand in the market for some certain fish that have seasonal fishing time
On the other hand, fish is a high value food and good for human health and its consumption has been increased nowadays in most societies. High volume of annual tourists in the island and all the tourists welcoming using sea foods has increased demand for fish in various seasons in the island to the point
much beyond the natural consumption. Therefore, the island faces a shortcoming in provision of fish all the time particularly in Iranian new year holidays and summers and it gives a priority in farming fish and an increase in provision of fish in the island
Likewise, due to closeness of the island to free waters and Persian Gulf neighboring countries, these countries can be deemed as a potential market for produced products. At the present, significant amounts of fish fished in waters around the island are exported to Persian Gulf neighboring countries.
12. Access to Infrastructures:

Distance to project locationInfrastructure requiredtem
At the siteWater1
At the siteElectricity2
At the siteTelecommunication4
At the siteThe main road5
380kmRailway station8

B- Financial structure:
13. Cost and benefits

USD $ 1.1 millionCapital expenditure
USD $ 2.2 millionOperating Revenue
USD $ 1.5 millionOperating cost

14. Financial index

USD $ 0.7 millionNet benefit
1.5Benefit–cost ratio (B/C()
2.3 YearsPayback Period

15. Economic index

USD $ 3.1 millionNet present value (NPV)
49 %Internal rate of return (IRR)
25 %Break-even point

16. Methods of participation:
For this project, investor may proceed with individual investment by obtaining necessary permits or undergo partnership with Kish Free Zone Organization for carrying out project through various
partnership models.
C- Incentives, features and advantages of the project:

17. Incentives:

• Simplified formalities for re-export and goods transit
• Tax exemption and the benefits of accessing to foreign
• 20year tax exemption for any type of financial business
• Preferential rates of land to build hotels and recreational tourism places.
• Customs duties exemption to imports raw materials and industrial machinery of the production units
• No restrictions on entry and existence of the exchange currency on any amount and the possibility to transfer money to foreign companies
18. Support and legal advantages:

• Foreign nationals’ entrance with no visa
• Legally protecting and ensuring foreign investors.
• Registering company with 100 percent foreign ownership
• Have the right of entry and exit the capital and the profits
19. Special and unique benefits of the region:

• Having access to the international free waterways
• Having an energy source (gas) independent of the mainland
• The ability to transit goods to neighboring CIS countries and Iran
• High level of security and social peace and low levels of social disorder
• A harbor with the ability of berthing vessels with 12,000 tones capacity.
• Exporting products to foreign countries without paying customs and harbor duties
• International Securities Exchange activity and oil and petrochemical products stock
• Having good optical fiber network and an independent private mobile network privileges
• Having an independent airline and shipping lines with the possibility of transporting vehicles