Kish Free Zone Organization

Management Introduction


Management Introduction

In order to improve and simplifying commerce and trade in Kish Free Trade Zone in accordance to the financial goals and objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the business management has been introduced to the organizational chart and has a special place in the Department of Economic and Investment of the Kish Island.

Offices of the Business Management:

Issuing Office, license supervision of the financial activities

Business Office and market regulation

Registration Office of Companies and Industrial Properties

Duties of the Business Management:

Financial planning and development policies within the region

Planning, coordination and control of licensing economic activities

Planning, coordination and control of terminals and customs of the region

Preparing the licensing subscription of economic activities and import card

Providing the rules and regulations of trading, including trade tariff

Planning, coordination and control of trade related to the supervision and guidance of its sub associations

Developing plans and researching in regards to the commercial activities in the region

Preparing the required annual budget for the planned projects to be presented to the Department of Economic and Investment

Providing registration, decision and change services for legal entities

Providing the optimal control and monitoring of goods and related services

Strict acting against any violations of trade policies