Kish Free Zone Organization

Purchase And Implementation Of Kish-Garze Submarine Cable.


Purchase And Implementation Of Kish-Garze Submarine Cable.

1. Project Title:

Purchase and implementation of Kish-Garze submarine cable.

2. Project Description and technical specifications:

Construction of submarine cable with a cross section of 3*500 mm2 and in 2 circuits and in each of them there is a 24 Core optical fiber, is on the agenda of Kish Free Zone Organization because of reasons such as 

• Necessity of connecting the island’s electrical networks to the nationwide network

• In order to improve the quality and quantity of Island’s electrical parameters

• Reduce the cost of electricity due to the exchange of electric energy

• Using free capacity of the power plant in the island’s reduce load times and compensation the power shortage in horizon comprehensive plan of Island

3. Location:

From nearby the power plant on the north side of the island, to the Garze region located near the Charak

4. The volume of project construction operations:

Each circuit of the cable is about 21 km. The total area of cabling will be 42 km on the seabed

5. Physical progress of the project:

Cable designing and sea floor hydrography in both coastal zones is done.

6. Timing of the project:

Accomplishment the project is estimated at 8 months and its testing period is estimated at 5 months

7. Estimated project cost:

The cost of the project is estimated 2500 billion Rials.

8. Ways to repay debts:

According to the advantage of the energy transit, this project will be awarded to qualified investors in the form of BOT or EPCF contract. Also a part of the costs will be paid in cash and the purchase of real estate

9. To provide guarantees for the financing:

Kish Free Zone Organization guarantees all the required offered to investors.