Kish Free Zone Organization

Green Town


Green Town

1. Project title: Construction of residential apartments for Kish organization employees (Green Town)

2.Location: Land no. SVC-6

3. The Project:
This plan pertains to the construction of residential town in Kish Island. The proposed landfor green town, land no.SVC-6, with an area of 880.233 m² is located in the south east ofthe island. In the first phase of the project, 119.131 m² of the land will be used. The totalnumber of 1312 housing units has been considered for the plan. 464 units will be allocatedto active employees and staffs in different organizations and offices in this area and 848units will be allocated to workers of the units. One-bedroom units have been designed in52 m²,55 m²,72 m², respectively and two-bedroom units have been designed in 86 m². Two
blocks with the total area of 15611 m² and with the purpose of supplying the necessaryneeds and services have also been considered in the town.
4. Overall characteristics of the project

Description      Area (m²)percent
Land for employees47.07645
Land for workers56,44455
The total residential land103,520100
Trash bin23,17622
Access and parking28,895
Population Density76,84074

6. Constructed Area: 15611
7. Cost:
1200 billion Rials
8. Investment methods

A: Partnership *  B: contracting  C: Absolute purchase of land  D:Rent    land