Kish Free Zone Organization




1.Project title: Developing the Island of Hendurabi

2.Location: The Island of Hendurabi

3. The Project:
The ultimate goal of the project is realizing the vision of “Green and peaceful Island withregional and international reputation”. The main reasons for participating in this project are:developing the island with synergy, economic output and protecting the environment to
exploit the natural-coastal tourist potentials, nationally and internationally.
The main areas of the project are:
• Marine-base development and self-sufficient economy in synergistic cooperation withKish Island
• A location to offer premium and green services
• A venue for formal and official meetings and diplomatic conferences
• Displaying the unique characteristics of the south of Iran in the heart of the calm, breathtaking, serene sea
• Receiving foreign and national tourists and visitors, under Islamic laws.
Annual Capacity: 1.5 million tourists; 4750 natives and the employed
5. Total Area: 2195 Hectares
Constructed Area: 400-800 thousand Hectares
Project Construction period: 10 years, Two 3-year phase and one 2-year phase
8. Fixed Capital Estimation:
41,384,382 million IRRs
9. Working Capital Estimation:
3,719,755 million IRRs
10. Access to infrastructures

NORequired infrastructureDistance to project site
2Power No
4Main RoadNo
5Airport33.83 Kms to the Eastern cape of the island
6Harbor35.10 Kms to the Eastern cape of the island

11 - Investment methods

A: Partnership* B: contracting* C: Absolute purchase of land* D:Rent  *land