Kish Free Zone Organization

Construction Of Kish New Airport


Construction Of Kish New Airport

1. Project Title:

Construction of Kish new airport

2. Project Description and technical specifications:

This project is for the construction of new buildings for Kish airport, with over than 41 thousand square meters infrastructure, including public spaces, customs entrances and exits, corridors, passport control, restaurants, and etc

3. Location:

Kish International Airport

4. The volume of project construction operations:

The volume of construction is as follows; Digging the foundation and excavation in volume of 22 thousand cubic meters, concreting operations and foundation in 9 thousand cubic meters, construction steel structure with a volume of 3,500 tons and concrete structure with a volume of 1,800 cubic meters

5. Physical progress of the project:

The project is already running and operations of foundations and concrete structures have been carried out. Skeletal structure is currently under construction and the project is 26 percent physical progress

6. Timing of the project:

Project timing is 36 months from the starting the operation.

7. Estimated project cost:

the whole project estimate is 2 trillion Rials and by now, it has been cost 380 billion Rials

8. Ways to repay debts:

according to consultant’s estimate, the annual income of the project is about 2 trillion rials. The part of debt repayment revenues from the project financed and the remain be refunded through the purchase of real estate

9. To provide guarantees for the financing:

Kish Free Zone Organization guarantees the repayment of debt principal and interest