Kish Free Zone Organization

Beach Park -5Star Hotel (Museum and Symbols)


Beach Park -5Star Hotel (Museum and Symbols)

1. Project title: Beach Park -5Star Hotel (Museum and Symbols)

2. Location: West of Kish Island (Kish symbol -61hectare site)

3. The Project:
Since the southern land reclamation of Kish Island has begun with the construction of  the museum and city symbol of Kish and regarding the various plans considered for thisarea, Kish Free Zone Organization intends to attract private investors and to transferthe construction opportunities for 70 hectare site of museum and symbol of Kish Island
complex including an international hotel to the private sector investors.
Considering the fact that the international hotel project of the museum and symbol siteis located along the coast and in the area of Greek ship, the designers have amplified thesignificance of this location in an attempt to add to the accommodation capacity of theisland providing the visitors with the beautiful coast-line hotels and presenting them withbeautiful scenery of the island. At present, except Darius, Shayan, and Didaniha hotelswhich are located at blue the cost line, other hotels do not have access to this uniquescenery. The location of Hotel is the way that in addition to keeping the privacy, it presentsa good view of the sea and the site itself.
Annual Capacity: ----
Total Area: 5300 sm2
6. Constructed Area:
11200 sm2
7. Estimated fixed capital:
400 billion Rials
Estimated working capital: 80 billion Rials
9. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water on the project site
2 Power  on the project site
3 Tele-communication on the project site
4 Main Road on the project site
5 Airport 10 Kilometers
6 Harbor 12 Kilometers

10 - Investment methods

A: Partnership *  B: contracting*  C: Absolute purchase of land  D:Rent    land