Kish Free Zone Organization

Hydrotherapy Center


Hydrotherapy Center

1. Project title: Construction of Hydrotherapy Center

2. Location: The South of the Island

3. The Project:
This project is related to the construction of a health center with hydrotherapy,physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and traditional medicine services.In this center, modern topical treatment services will be offered with most advancedequipments along with topical treatment specialists.This project consists of the following sections:
• Hot spa-cold spa and pools
• Wet-dry Sauna
• Jacuzzis and standing tubs
• Equipped body building salons
• Physiotherapy salons
• Counseling center of traditional medicine services
• Massage therapy service salons
• Ichthyo-therapy service salons
• Acupuncture service salons
• Medicinal plants and natural treatment products sale center
• Iranian traditional bathrooms offering massage and Iranian beverages
• Iranian local healthy natural beverage and edible buffets
Annual Capacity: 500,000 people per year
Total Area: 35,000 m2
Constructed Area: 14700 m2
7. Estimated fixed capital:
627 billion Rials
8. Estimated working capital:
10 billion Rials
9. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water on the project site
2 Power  on the project site
3 Tele-communication on the project site
4 Main Road on the project site
5 Airport 5 Kilometers
6 Harbor 10 Kilometers

10 - Investment methods

A: Partnership* B: contracting C: Absolute purchase of land* D:Rent  *land