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Foreign Trading


Foreign Trading

An Overview of Iran’s Foreign Trades in 2014 1393

98416 thousand tons and 61760million dollarsExports of goods and services in the country during 2014
A 5 percent increase in weight and a 20 percent increase in valueChanges compared to the same period last year
Propane valued US $ 2,279 million dollarsFive major categories of exports
• Methanol valued US $ 1,477 million dollars
• Bhutan valued US $ 1469 million dollars
• Polyethylene film grade valued US $ 1,418 million dollars
• Tar oil valued US $ 1324 million dollars
• China with 9159 million dollarsFirst five exporting markets of the country
• Iraq with 6183 million dollars
United Arab Emirates with 3932 million dollars India with 2441 million dollars Afghanistan with 2,388 million dollars
67 PercentMarket shares of total exports
US $ 451: Changes compared to the same period last year have been 16 percent.Average price of one ton of exportable items 
• 41234 thousand tons, valued 52,477 million dollarsThe country’s imports
• 22 percent of increase in terms of weight and 5.6% in terms of valueChanges compared to the same period last year
Wheat grain valued 2,289 million dollarsFive main items imported into the country
• Vehicles valued 2,001 million dollars
• Livestock corn valued 1751 million dollars
• Rice valued 1409 million dollars
• Soybean meal valued 1,239 million dollars
• China : US $ 12561 millionFive Major Imploring Sources
• United Arab Emirates: 12164 million dollars
• Republic of Korea: 4310 million dollars
• Turkey : 3822 million dollars
• India : 3730 million dollars
• 70 PercentShare of total imports of these 5 countries
• 1273 dollars of changes relative to the same period last year equal to 14 percent of reductionThe average price for per ton of imported goods

Iran’s Trade Balance

Value in 2014- (million dollars) Changes (Percent) Value in 2013-(million dollars) Index-Amount
61760 20 51661z Non-oil exports ( goods, services and condensates)
35822 13 31654 Non-oil exports (excluding services and condensates)
52477 5.6 49709 Importing commodities
114237 13 101370 Total
9283 375 1952 Trade Balance (including services and condensates)

Iran›s Commercial Balance (Billion Dollars)

Economic Outlook Improvements in Key Economic Indices

Easing of Sanctions

All recent political developments  indicate that both Iraniangovernment and P5+1 countries  understand the mutual benefits
of a nuclear deal and are willingto strive for a final agreement.
In case we reach a negotiatedagreement (that we believe
is likely), economic sanctionsshould be significantly reduced
over a reasonable period.

Currency Stability

Iranian currency (Rial) hasstrengthened approximately
25% (from recent lows of lastyear) due to partial alleviations
of sanctions, tight monetary policies,strong trade balance and favorable
expectations regardingpolicies of the new government.We expect that Rial will be stableover foreseeable future

Inflation Reduction

Inflation has declined from a  high of 45% to less than 25%.
Monthly CPI figures indicate that inflation could reach as
low as 15% or less over thenext few months. Even with
expected reductions in energysubsidies, inflation rate of less
than 20% over the next coupleof years is likely.