Kish Free Zone Organization

Subspecialty Hotel Hospital


Subspecialty Hotel Hospital

1. Project title: Subspecialty Hotel Hospital

2. Location: The south of the Island

3. The Project:
The project pertains to the construction of a subspecialty hospital, with the aim ofimproving health tourism services. The project consists of the following sections:A hospital with 200 general care beds, 36 intensive care beds, and 60 emergency beds.5 subspecialty clinics, 3 equipped operating rooms, and all specialty and subspecialtysections have been considered for this hospital.This hospital will be constructed in 3 stories with constructed area of 24,000 m2 and in aland area with 63,000 m2.This project also consists of a hotel with 250 equipped rooms which are considered forpatients and their families. This hotel will be built in an area of 32,000 m2 and in 6 stories.A residential complex is considered for doctors and hospital personnel in this project. This
complex has 42,000 m2 constructed area which will be built in an area of 70,000 m2.
Annual Capacity: 570,000 people per year
5. Total Area:
165000 m2
Constructed Area: 98,000 m2
Estimated fixed capital: 2420 billion Rials.
Estimated working capital: 34 billion Rials.
9. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water on the project site
2 Power  on the project site
3 Tele-communication on the project site
4 Main Road on the project site
5 Airport 5 Kilometers
6 Harbor 10 Kilometers

10 - Investment methods

A: Partnership* B: contracting C: Absolute purchase of land* D:Rent *land