Kish Free Zone Organization

Dredging Kish Commercial Port


Dredging Kish Commercial Port

1. Project title: The Second Phase of Dredging Kish Commercial Port and building an artificial island

2. Location: Kish Commercial Port Main Basin

3. The Project:
Implementing the second phase of dredging Kish Commercial Port (dredging the Eastbasin) with the approximate volume of 3.2 million M3 and transporting the sediments to alocation on the broader of the island to construct an artificial island. The artificial island isconnected to Kish via a road.
Annual Capacity: No
Total Area: 450,000 M2
Constructed Area: No
Project Construction period: 8 Months
Costs: 474/6 million IRRs
9. Access to infrastructures

NO Required infrastructure Distance to project site
1 Water on the project site
2 Power  on the project site
3 Tele-communication on the project site
4 Main Road YES
5 Airport 13 Kms
6 Harbor On Project Site

10 - Investment methods

A: Partnership *  B: contracting * C: Absolute purchase of land  D:Rent