Kish Free Zone Organization

Fish Factory


Fish Factory

1.Project title: Fish Factory

2. Location:

3. The Project:
• The project is a fish factory- processing and packaging fish. The project comprises an2000-M2 fish processing hall, a 500-M2 fish packaging hall and a 50-ton weighing scale.
• The 4000-M2 land is required of which 2800 M2 will be allocated to buildings and the restwill be open area and parking.
• The project will create
4. Area:
Section: Services Sub-section: Fish processing
Fish processing and Packaging
6.Annual Capacity:
2000 tons
7.The required land:
4000 M2
 The land is owned by Kish Free Zone Organization which can be soldto Iranians and rented to aliens.
9. Legal permits:

As per article 11 laws on Administration of Free and Special Economic Zones, issuingpermits for legal economic activities of any kind in the region lies with the respective zoneorganization. Meanwhile, such project needs obtaining other permits from competentbodies and organs:The required inquiries for the permits will be made through Kish FreeZone Organization and the investor only follows up the process.
.Construction and operation Time table: Construction: 
1 Year and Using: 15 years
11. Access to infrastructures

NORequired infrastructureDistance to project site
1WaterOn Project Site
2Power On Project Site
3Tele-communicationOn Project Site
4Main RoadOn Project Site
5Airport4 Kms
6Train Station400 Kms
3 Kms

A short list of financial and economic Indexes
12. The project's expenses and incomes

Fixed Capital( Billion IRRs)26
Annual Operating Income (Billion IRRs)-Maximum Capacity30
Annual Operating Expenses (Billion IRRs)-Maximum Capacity

13. Project's Financial Indexes

Annual Operating Profit (Billion IRRs)-Maximum Capacity16
Benefit-cost ratio
Payback Period (years)

14. Project's economic Indexes

Net Present Value (Billion IRRs)
Internal Rate of Return
Break-even point

15. Target Markets:
• Presently, 3000 tons different types of fish is caught in Kish island. This is usually marketedfresh and without package.
• There is no fish factory in Kish island. Considering the amount of the fish caught and tourists'liking to buy fresh fish, a fish factory which can offer processed and properly packaged fish totourists, can help economic prosperity and increase the added value in fisheries in the island.
• Additionally, because carrying fresh fish without proper package package is difficult fortourists many of them change their mind. This is while, availability of a high-quality processed
product can meet this potential demand and set up a profitable business. The added value is25 percent of that of the unprocessed fish sold.

16 - Investment methods
A: Partnership* B: contracting* C: Absolute purchase of land* D:Rent  *land