Kish Free Zone Organization

Customs authorization for transferring used equipments


Customs authorization for transferring used equipments

Residents of Kish are able to transfer their used appliances and fixtures out of the Island. This privilege is given to those who are either government employees or have been a resident of the Island for more than a year. This privilege is subjected to the following criteria:

No debt certificate

Kish Investment and Development organization Approval of no debt regarding land contracts

Certificate issuance of “Kishvandi” card

Required Documents:

Photocopy of the Kishvandi card of both applicant and dependents

Photocopy of 1st and 2nd page of head of household's birth certificate

Photocopy of head of household's national card

Photocopy of 1st page of dependents' birth certificate

Photocopy of valid economic license along with license reference letter from Kish Free Zone or its subsidiaries, government agencies and organization or valid institutes. These documents must also contain both original and photocopy of the transfer order or settlement letter

2 copies of appliances and fixtures' list